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Fiduciary Responsibility

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Protect Yourself: A Primer on Financial Fraud and Abuse Against Seniors

As we move further into the 21st century, senior and elder financial fraud continues to become one of the most prevalent and lucrative criminal en...

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Investor Fraud

Securities fraud is an all too common crime across the United States these days that continues to grow in popularity. Penalties for securities fraud ...

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Misrepresentation and Fraud

Misrepresentation is defined, under contract law, as making a false statement to another person or entity that has the effect of inducing the other ...

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Accounting Fraud

Accounting fraud typically occurs in larger corporations across the country as a result of presenting false information, misusing funds, overstating...

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Corporate Fraud Laws & Regulations

Stock fraud is a serious crime in the United States that comes with hefty penalties such as fines and possible prison terms. The Securities and Exch...

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