Our company has been charged with a securities violation and will be in litigation. Can a securities litigation attorney help?

Question: I’m the CFO at a company facing fraud allegations brought by a disgruntled partner.  The company is small and we need to retain an attorney right away.  I’m afraid the company cannot survive months of litigation.  Is there a way to avoid litigation altogether?

Response: You might consider a securities litigation attorney who is also experienced in securities arbitration.  Securities arbitration/mediation cases are brought before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  Arbitration is usually the better route for dispute resolution, even where a securities issue is involved.  Third-party arbitration can help parties determine if there is actually malfeasance or whether there has been a misunderstanding somewhere. 

In these cases, an experienced securities litigation attorney can provide you with valuable advice that can get you through the mediation process and hopefully avoid the costs of an expensive trial.  However, if the matter has escalated beyond something that can be mediated through arbitration, a securities attorney will be able to counsel you as a defendant in litigation.  Check FINRA’s website to find out more about securities arbitration and how it can help you in your situation.  Also, search for a securities litigation attorney who understands FINRA and SEC proceedings and who can represent you at both the state and federal levels.

Answered by Sharon Cullars

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